What was once tossed aside and thought to have used up all it’s value, can now breathe a new life into a sustainable gorgeous product.

To "upcycle" something is to take a used object and adapt it in an innovative way to a new function. Unlike recycling, which involves breaking down the material an object is made from, before it is made into something else, thereby using more energy. "Upcycling" involves using something in a new way without doing anything to reprocess the material it's made from and this is more energy efficient, thus leaving less of a waste footprint on our planet. 

A new line of merchandise has emerged, by rescuing discarded glass water, soda pop, liquor, wine and mini mixer bottles from restaurants, nightclubs & bars across the United States and “upcycling” them into eco-friendly, ultra-cool barware, house décor, jewelry and accessories. 

 Landf  VS.  Blu